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Jewelweed Soap

Jewelweed Soap

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Jewelweed is a beautiful native plant that grows right in my backyard. It has pretty orange flowers. Jewelweed gets its name from the way dew drops bead up on it leaves and flower petals. When the sunlight hits the dew drops they sparkle like jewels. 

Jewelweed has traditionally been used to ease the itch of rashes from poison ivy and stinging nettle that are sometimes found growing near the plants. 

I infuse the plant into olive oil to produce a rich, green base to create a beautiful and amazingly useful bar. 

This soap is great to help wash away the urushiol from the poison ivy plant if you are exposed. This soap can also help dry up a current rash. 

Ingredients: Jewelweed Infused Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Chromium Oxide Green

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